What is Topocad?

Topocad is a CAD system made for surveying, mapping, design and GIS.

The development started 1994 and Topocad has grown to a complete package covering field survey to finished designs and ready maps. Whether you are a civil engineer or a landscape architect, a surveyor, a tunnel designer or a database manager, Topocad has the right application for your job.

Base modules

Topocad is built up by different modules. Start with Topocad Reader, a freeware application that you can use for communication with your instruments, calculation and the result is a map or drawing. Topocad Engineer is the CAD solution, for you that need a communication to your instrument and/or just a CAD system made for surveying, mapping and land. Next step is Topocad Base module, a base filled with a complete CAD system, transformation, digital terrain modelling, contouring, road lining and much more!


Some of the modules are within the Design field. Profiles for vertical road/line alignment, Volume by model for volume calculation between digital terrain models, Volume by sections for a complete design package covering terrain cross sections as well as designed templates for your road, sewer, railroad section. Use these modules in combination with Topocad Point clouds, when you need to calculate volumes, sections or contour from a scanning.


Connect to a geographic database with Topocad. Topocad has three different modules for different database adapters. ISM adapter is via ISM from Spatial Technology to an Oracle database, Arc adapter is to ArcSDE database (ESRI) and the FDO adapter is the open source adapter to lots of different databases.


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